Frequently Asked Questions

-I have a floor plan I already like - can you use it, or do I have to pick one of yours?

Brant's Home Sales is a custom homebuilder. The floor plans we show are just a starting point. We can modify our plan or your plan to meet your requirements. Typically we can get very close to the layout you already have. With box width and height restrictions, some modifications may be required. Our policy is to design and build what you want, not what we have available.

-Do you build porches and garages in the modular factory?

There are floor plans that might require us to build a portion of the garage and/or porch in the factory, mainly for roof completion in the plant or when it is integral to the floor plan. It is more cost effective to build porches and garages on-site. Extra framing is needed for bracing during shipping, which is later disposed of, increasing waste and therefore cost.

-Can you send me a price sheet?

Since every home we build is custom, very rarely are two alike, thus we do not provide “one size fits all pricing”. SMI and our builders endeavor to provide each individual with a price based on the products and finishes they request. In addition, foundations, heating & electrical requirements, and other on-site finishes are big variables in the total cost of the home. Please feel free to give our Sales Staff a call. They will be able to answer your pricing questions.

-What options are available for your homes?

We have a large selection of options for exterior and interior finishes. To review our available options, click here. Our in-house showroom and design center give you one-stop-shopping convenience. While we provide a wide range of interior and exterior finishes, we are not limited to what we currently show. If there is something special you want, we will find it for you! Or, you can purchase items and bring them to us for installation.

-Are we able to see the house during manufacturing?

SMI is located in Clarion, PA and opens the door to anyone, whether they are building or just curious to see how the process is done. If you have a house being built on the line, we invite you to come in, bring your family and friends, and enjoy the experience of your house being built just like you would with a site built home. Bring your camera and take as many pictures as you like.

-What separates SMI from other modular manufacturers?

SMI has proven to be the highest quality manufacturer in the area. We strive to be the best in the business from customer service to high quality construction. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. From the experienced sales, design, and office staff for the planing process, to the experienced craftspeople in the factory, nobody builds homes like SMI.

-How long does it take to build a home?

We estimate 4 – 8 weeks for manufacturing in the factory. Backlog and options that are chosen can affect that timeframe. On-site completion depends on many variables. Once a home plan and option selection has been completed, your builder and SMI will be able to give you a timeframe for estimated delivery and on-site completion.

-Can we do some of the work ourselves?

Many times, customers want to do a portion of the work themselves - typically this is on-site, i.e. excavation, foundation, or finish work. We will work with you to accommodate your wishes. Omitting work that is done in the factory is usually not cost effective.

-Do you have a warranty?

Every home has a 10 year structural and 1 year cosmetic warranty through Residential Warranty Corporation. Certain products installed in your home carry their own manufacturer’s warranty, which is passed on to the customer. SMI has a service department that assists Brant's Home Sales with warranty issues.