Brant's Home Sales modular homes can be built and move in ready in about a third of the time it takes for a traditional homes. After finalizing the design process your modular home will take around 4-8 weeks to be built in the factory. Upon delivery from the factory you modular home can be set and move in ready within 4 weeks or less. Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do, so don't wait longer than you have too! 

Advantage #3 - Build Time

Brant's Home Sales modular homes are built in Clarion, PA by SMI Homes. Your home is built in a few modular pieces... and they are built INDOORS! Modular homes are inherently more energy efficient than traditional homes. They are built indoors, so the wood is unaffected by weather changes. Therefore, Brant's Home Sales homes are much more airtight, preventing air infiltration. Energy efficient homes cost less to own, perform better in heating and cooling, and are a good investment for the future. Brant's Home Sales has a license in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical specialties. This means no work is outsourced, and the quality is guaranteed.    

Advantage #2 - Quality Assurance

Brant's Home Sales modular homes average around $25 - $50 less per sq. ft than a stick built home. The average size of a single family home in the United States is 2,300sq. ft -- that size home would be anywhere from $57,500 - $115,00 less in a modular home than stick build. This leads most to the conclusion that a modular homes quality isn't the same as a stick built home. However, the opposite is actually the case. This brings us to modular homes advantage #2.    

Advantage #1 - Price

Advantages of Modular Homes